It’s the Little Things

Let’s start out by making a long story short.

House catches on fire Sunday night and again Monday morning. Good news is no one was in the house both times and everyone is safe. The house won’t be liveable for several months. There is a lot of smoke damage. But all collectibles, photos, memorabilia, irreplaceable things and most of our furniture are all okay. The insurance company has us in a motel until we decide whether to move back into our old house once it’s able to be lived in again or to find a new place to live. That decision will determine whether or not we live in temporary housing for a few months.

That ☝🏻is the “big thing”

Now let’s talk about the little things.

1. Insurance company has us in a hotel Sunday night.

2. Jim Daniel, the Bowers, the Pastor, etc arrive within 60 minutes of the fire happening to help, be a blessing, encouragement, etc.

3. Anonymous person gives us a Walmart gift card

4. Benjamin’s teacher gives us a restaurant gift card

5. Parents, the Pastor, Jim, Luke all pitch in and help second day as well.

6. Landlord doesn’t charge us April’s rent and gives us plenty of time to get everything out of the house.

7. Hotel gives Benjamin a bag of gifts, bottled juices and a card.

8. Hotel offers free breakfast daily and free dinner Monday through Wednesday.

9. A friend of Arlyn’s drops off new toys, books, and stuffed animals for Benjamin.

10. Texts, phone calls, messages, emails of encouragement and prayer these last 3 days.

11. Parents and Johnson’s offer garage as storage.

12. So far we’re able to get the smoke out of most our clothes. Thank you Mrs. Lawrence for the “Simply Green” suggestion.

That’s ☝🏻 the little things.

Or do I have things mixed up?

Yes, I most definitely have things mixed up.

God uses the small things to share with us the big things. The small thing for us is the fire. It could have been so much worse. It was just a few hours ordeal. The big thing is the outpouring of encouragement from all of you. And that’s gone on for 3 days now. Much longer than the fire.

Isn’t it amazing how God brings things into our lives to remind us of how blessed we are, how much He loves us, and how our friends, loved ones and relatives encourage us.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! My prayer is one day I may be a blessing to you all as you have been a blessing to us.

Have a safe, healthy and blessed week!

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