How Clean Is Your House?

We had 2 couples from SS over last night for Dutch Blitz and UNO.  The whole point of having someone over who has never played Dutch Blitz is to win.  Unfortunately for us, we got thrashed to the ground by a former “Blitzer” who picked right back up where she left off several yrs ago.  But, that’s not what this blog is about.  

Sunday afternoon what do you think we did in preparation for our company?  Yes, that’s right … we cleaned the house.  No, our house isn’t dirty and yes, my wife knows I’m writing about this(I asked permission).  However, it doesn’t matter how clean you keep a house, when you’re having guests over, you have to go back over and clean everything again.  It’s just a “rule”.  You want your friends to see your house at its’ best.  

I chose the bathrooms.  Yes, you heard right, I “chose.”  I’ll clean bathrooms and vacuum & mop floors all day long.  I just HATE to dust.  Dusting is useless in my opinion.   You dust and then 15 minutes later, dust in the air has settled down on top of the furniture again.  Thankfully for me, my wife loves to dust.  What a blessing!  So, she dusts and cleans the kitchen.  While I do the bathrooms and vacuum.

When you’re vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms, you have plenty of time to think.  The process we were going through reminded me of our Christian life.  We put our Christian walk on “cruise control” during the week and then Sunday morning(some are diligent enough to start Saturday night) we start “cleaning out our heart” in preparation for the time of worship; the sermon and the time of Sunday School.  We make sure we have devotions Sunday morning.  We have the “spirit channel”(Direct TV channel 826) playing the whole time.  Some of us have Charles Stanley preaching to us while we get ready.  We get all of our “sin forgiven” for the past week and do our best to focus on what God has for us that day.  Maybe the struggles are still going on in the car on the way to church(arguments over where to eat for lunch).  But as soon as we park the car and get out, the “Christian Face” is placed on and everything is going well for us until back in the car and on the way home again.  

Once Sunday is over, and we start the work week; school week; etc. the cleanliness of our heart isn’t a priority.  It’s not imperative that we have a quiet time.  It’s not important that we honor God in all aspects of our work.  It’s not relevant that we be a witness to those around us. Why isn’t it important?  Because we won’t be worshiping God until next Sunday.  As long as we aren’t going to invite Him to speak to us until then, we can keep our Heart “dusty.”  

Maybe we should quit worrying about “cleaning our heart” for Sunday worship.  Maybe we should focus on having that “clean heart relationship” with God on a daily basis.  I wonder what would happen if we kept our Heart clean?  I wonder what would happen if we had a daily quiet time continually?  I wonder what would happen if we honored Him in ALL aspects of work?  I wonder what would happen if we were a witness to everyone God brought into our path?  I can’t answer that question, because I haven’t got that far yet.  I’m still worried about focusing on Sunday cleaning.

How clean is your heart?


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