Men Don’t Need Bible Studies

Several weeks ago at a Men’s Conference, Steve Farrar challenged us as Men to meet together with a small group of guys on a weekly basis for the next 6 weeks.  I don’t know how many of the almost 1,000 men in attendance signed up for one, but I know that being the “good Christian man” I did my duty and signed up(Hopefully you noticed the sarcasm).  

Our very first one was held at Chick Fil A on a Saturday afternoon.  Look, if you want men to meet, you have to have food around or we’ll lose interest.  As we prayed over our meal and began to eat, a couple turned around and engaged us in conversation.  The wife asked if we were Christians and we stated yes.  Then the husband asked if we were having a Men’s Bible Study.  We again stated yes.  Come to find out, they are starting a church in Hot Springs, AR.  He stated to us:  “You don’t find many men who meet together.  Women have Bible Studies all the time.  However, men very rarely meet for any length of time.”  I know he’s right, but I didn’t think much about his comment at the time.

That was 3 wks ago.  So far, we have met three Saturday’s in a row.  I’m so thankful to Paul, Brant, Eric and Matt for the friendships we are building; the things we are learning; and the accountability we are creating.   I find myself studying more so I am prepared to discuss the Word with them.   As men, we don’t like to come in last in ANYTHING … even Bible Study comments.  I send and receive texts/emails from them on a weekly basis with words of encouragement or prayer requests, or more importantly, comments regarding football.

Why don’t we as men meet more?  Why don’t we have Bible Studies?  When they are available, why don’t we attend?  If we had a weekly meeting discussing OU football we would have no problem filling a house no matter what the time.  Okay, I know I’m one of very few OU fans in Little Rock.  However, if we had a meeting discussing Arkansas football or Bama football, or SEC football in general, all kinds of men would appear.  But for us to attend Bible Studies?  That would imply we need help.  That would imply we are not sure the next step to take.  That would imply we need God to direct us.  That would imply we can’t be in charge.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I struggle with God being in charge.  I like to make the decisions; have the plans laid out; point to the direction I’m heading and then ask God to bless it all.  It’s hard for me to step back, listen to God and follow Him.  But, I’m learning that if I want to accomplish anything for God, I have to let Him lead me and I have to follow.  Only then, can He get the glory.  Only then, can He get the honor.  

So, yes, I need a Bible Study.  I need a group of men as friends to hold me accountable.  I don’t know what the plan is after this 6 week Bible Study.  But, I’m so thankful for the impact it and the men have already had.  

And in honor of it being the first day of College Football:

Boomer Sooner!


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