My Biggest Weakness Is Pride

We all have weaknesses.  I have a lot of weaknesses.  Do you have that one weakness that seems to reappear over and over and over again?  I do.  That weakness is Pride.  Just when I seem to “have it all under control” it arises again.  I would love to blame it on the Devil.  However, the truth is my sin nature enjoys being prideful.

Just yesterday, my wife told me that 2 of the wives in our SS class were going to be helping teach in the Children’s ministry and wouldn’t be in our class anymore.  I am genuinely happy and excited for them.  However, pride reared its’ head and I said to myself:  “We have a small class as it is.  Can’t God call someone else to serve?”  Then I felt guilty and moved on.

Then this morning at church, another couple told me(full of excitement) that they were also going to be helping in the Children’s ministry.  I told them I was very excited for them and would be praying for them in their new venture for Christ.  Those same prideful thoughts came back again.  “Seriously, God?  We just started this class; started making connections; started building relationships and you want to take away everything that has been accomplished?”

During prayer requests one of our members got up and shared how much this class has meant to him.  He told us that this class has met a need for him and his wife and filled a gap in their lives.  He told us attending church had always been difficult but that this class meant everything to them.

Yep … that shut me up.  I’m sorry God.  God reminded me it doesn’t matter the size of our class; who attends and who doesn’t; who is involved somewhere else and who isn’t.  What matters is that we build connections and relationships with those God brings into the class.  What matters is that we pray for one another and help each other in any way we can.

I don’t know if you struggle with pride.  If you do, just remember that God is in control and has a plan.  He doesn’t have to reveal the plan to us.  He will do it according to His time frame.  Our responsibility is to be available when God needs us to build a relationship and establish a connection.  Numbers don’t matter to Him.  Hearts are all that matter.

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