Big Decision

This is my first attempt at any type of Blog.  Therefore I don’t promise any cool stories; great knowledge; or powerful life changing testimonies.  I just promise to say what I’m thinking.

About 4 wks ago, I purchased my “ticket” to the Men’s Conference with Steve Farrar at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church.  I was told to wear this to get in to the conference.  I was also asked to wear it until the conference was over.

I don’t have time to put everything down that God taught me last night and again this morning. I can tell you that I heard from God.  No, He didn’t sit down beside me.  He didn’t ride in my car with me.  No I didn’t see Him visibly.  But He spoke to me.

He reminded me that He is in control of this universe.  That He places His choice in leadership positions.  That no matter how much this world worsens, I am to TRUST Him because He Is In Control.  I like to be in control.  I like to make the decisions.  If I’m going to “let” God be in control, He needs to give me a “heads up” on what His plans are for me and my family.  That kind of attitude has gotten me nowhere fast.  So, last night, I told Him; You are in control; Not Me; I trust You and I’ll follow you.

Today, He reminded me that my past doesn’t matter to Him.  Sure, there are continual consequences.  But, the mistakes I’ve made, He’s forgiven me.  I can’t dwell on them anymore.  I need to focus on living my life for Him.  I need to focus on being the right kind of husband to the Amazing Wife He has given me.  I need to be a Man for Him.

So, today, after the conference, I put my bracelet on my dresser.  This evening, my wife and I went out to eat dinner and see a movie.  For the first time in 3-4 wks, I didn’t know if I should wear my bracelet.  I have gotten used to having it on.  So, that was the decision in front of me.  

I put it on.  For how long, I don’t know.  But it’s a reminder to me of my promises to God last night and again this morning.  It’s a reminder that He is in control.  That I need to Trust Him.  That I need to focus ALL of my energy on being a Man of God and a leader of my family.  I have agreed to be a part of a Men’s Bible Study for the next 6 wks.  That will also help me be accountable.  

But, for tomorrow and next week; the bracelet stays on.  Thank You God, for using Steve Farrar to re-adjust my focus ….

Now, it’s up to me to “continue in the things I’ve learned” …


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2 Responses to Big Decision

  1. Bridget Fisher says:

    Cool blog. But i believe God was sitting right next to you and was with you in the car…He promises never to leave us or forsake us…so, I know He goes everywhere with me. So He goes everywhere with you too.

  2. Paul Hayden says:

    Great post Brent! I briefly had the same thought about wearing my “ticket” bracelet, but quickly decided the same thing. It’s just another reminder of who I am through Him! Nice post…

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