Who are my heroes? That’s Easy!

Captain America … Ironman … Thor … Black Panther …

wait, what? Oh!

Denzel Washington … Harrison Ford … Sean Connery … Sandra Bullock …

wait, what? Oh!

Roger Staubach … Tony Dorsett … Drew Pearson … Troy Aikman … Emmitt Smith …

wait, what? Oh!

Ronald Reagan … George H. Bush … George W. Bush …

wait, what? Oh!

My Mom!

My mom is what I call a prayer warrior. I grew up waking in the morning to her praying over her Bible reading. I know for a fact that she consistently prays at night, in the morning and throughout the day. If it wasn’t for the consistent and persistent prayer of my mom, there’s no way I would still be alive today. Her prayers brought me through so much as I grew from a child into an adult. Even today, I know that my mom consistently and persistently prays for me. Both mom and dad consistently invest in our little man. They watch him, love him, pray for him, teach him, lead him and enjoy him.

My Dad!

My dad is what I would call a preacher never afraid of sharing his opinion or giving his advice. I am so thankful for that. Even as a 52 year old son, I still find myself asking him for advice. And if I don’t ask for his advice, he’ll tell me anyway … Lol. He is very quick to share with me what he would do in certain situations. He has been overwhelmingly loyal to me throughout my life, no matter how many times I tried to mess it up.

My Uncle Leroy and Aunt Sally!

As we have renewed our relationship with them over the last 4 years, they have been nothing but a blessing! The way they invest in our little man. The way they invest in us. The way they are always quick to send a note, card, text or all 3 at every single special moment in our lives and in the life of little man. As Uncle Leroy recently told me, “this is just what family does for family”. What an example, what a testimony. He gets up at 4:30 in the morning just to pray for me as I head to my doctors’ appointment. Aunt Sally always has a cheerful heart; a loving text and a encouraging message for me and for my family. What a blessing these two have been to us.

My only hope and prayer is that maybe; just maybe I can be a hero to my family the way God has blessed me with so many heroes in my life. God has blessed us all with Heroes … it’s our responsibility to be heroes to those God brings across our paths. Notice I didn’t say perfect … I just said heroes.

Ultimately, Jesus Christ is my highest and best Hero! He is my Savior; He is my Counselor; He is my Forgiver; He is my Friend; He is my God.

Be a Hero to Someone Today!

Life Update:

I was blessed enough to get an appointment at MDAnderson Neuroendocrine Cancer Center in Houston, TX after a year an a half of effort. Dr. Yao, the specialist there, told me to keep taking the same medication I am taking, Sutent, until the point it is no longer effective. It was a blessing to hear from an “expert” that I am on the right medical path for me currently. As long as the medication continues to shrink and/or stall the tumors, as it has thus far, we won’t make any changes. At the point Sutent proves to be no longer effective, then he would recommend other therapies that are available.

Ultimately, as always, God is in control. He has His plan. I am grateful for all He has given me and continues to give me. My responsiblity is to live for Him. My hope and prayer is that I am able to do that on a consistent and persistent basis.

Can you tell Consistent and Persistent has been on my mind today???

Enjoy your week!

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