I Hate Running

image I hate running.   There is no way around it.   I just don’t like it.  I would much rather bike ride.  However, I ran for the first time in about 10 months this past Sunday morning.  Why you ask?  For a couple of reasons.  First of all, my church hosts a 5K every year in August.  Not sure why we choose the hottest time of the year to host this 5K, but that’s when it is.  I have ran it 2 years in a row. So, I started something I have to continue(if you are a OCD person or know someone who is OCD you know what I mean) on an annual basis.  Plus, I find myself gaining back some of the weight I fought hard to get off.  In order to help ensure I keep that weight off, I thought running would help.

Sunday morning was the first morning I started training for the Run With The Son 5K at GSFBC.  I started out doing real well.  I convinced myself I would go the entire 3.1 miles without stopping.  I was DETERMINED.  After the first mile, I was proud of myself.  So, I went into justification mode.  Since I was doing so well, I could walk for a minute and then pick it back up again.  That wasn’t smart.  Over the next 25 minutes, I justified walking a couple of times.

As I started back up to our house, I saw Arlyn walking.  She walked while I ran.  So of course, I caught up with her; walked with her for a minute and then went back to jogging so I could impress her with my great shape.  As I was running I couldn’t help but think about the correlations to the Christian walk.  It’s no wonder Paul used running as an example.


  Do you ever think of yourself as a runner as you go through the Christian life?  We start out at the beginning of our Christian walk on fire for Him.  We’re excited …. we want to tell people how He saved us … we attend church on a regular basis … we ask a lot of questions of other Christians … it’s new, exciting, fresh and fun.  Or, think of our life right after a major blessing or answer to pray from God.  We experience the same  emotions …. excitement, confidence, determination, etc. But then, we get tired.  When we get tired, we justify being “lazy for God” with all kinds of reasons.   The road is too steep …. I’m tired of being the only one …. surely, God understands and doesn’t want me to go to the extremes … insert your excuse here …

I didn’t pass out from my run Sunday morning.  I’m a little stiff … a little sore … but I can still function and still get around.  I’ll continue to train over the coming weeks and as time progresses, I’ll get in better shape; the runs will get a LITTLE easier and I’ll survive the 5K Run with the Son in August.  Then, I’ll look back at the time period and be glad I participated in the event.  I’ll see the good it did for me and I’ll be satisfied.

We can’t see the end result of living for God faithfully.  We can’t see the plans He has for us and how our lives will play out.  But, at the end of a trial or at the end of a struggle, we can always look back and see that God made us better and stronger because of what He took us through.  Then we can be glad He took us through the way He did because it made us stronger Christians; gave us stronger testimonies, and drew us closer to God. Plus, when we walk through this life living close to God, we lead our families for Him and leave a legacy for our children.  It helped me run better when I saw my wife and knew I had to impress her.  If we remember the legacy we are leaving our families, it will help us walk through difficulties.  We make them stronger and more apt to follow God when we serve Him faithfully.

Next time life gets difficult, remember, you are in a race.  God is on your side and He will carry you through.  Plus, He will use you to grow His Gospel.

Stay in the race …

I Corinthians 9:24-27

Hebrews 12:1

Philippians 3:13-14

Isaiah 40:31

I still think we need a Bike for the Son instead of a Run with the Son …

Anybody … Anybody???

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